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Hi all, just want to remind you that we have moved to All of our old posts are there, so now all we need is YOU! Please follow us there, and be sure to enter the giveaway we posted today!


Chi LA Buffs Shaking Things Up

Although I absolutely loathe April Fool’s Day, it is still the start of a new month.  And the start of a new month (and finally the start of spring in Chicago) is always a prime time to mix things up, do something fresh, or clean out your childhood closet.  At least Maggie and I think so.  With that in mind, we have been brainstorming over the past few weeks, and we’ve got some big changes coming up.  And, granted the world doesn’t fall into disrepair tonight as a consequence of a terrible prank, we’ll be announcing our said changes tomorrow.  So keep an eye out!  And in the meantime, here’s Maggie and me together in Los Angeles last week!

Maggie, Betty, and me

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1 Year Anniversary…of Having My Cat

As any semi-frequent reader of Maggie and my blog can probably tell by the header of Chi La Buffs and any pictures that were taken within my apartment, I have a dear cat named Kiko Frances (KFC for short).  I found this neurotic, cuddly furball at an animal shelter in Des Moines last August when she was just 3 months old.  After a month or so she really warmed up to me and my laptop.  Whenever I would be writing a paper, browsing tumblr, or watching anything on Netflix, she would climb in my lap or on my shoulder and watch whatever I was doing, pawing at the screen.  Soon this turned into me taking Photobooth shots whenever she came by because she either looked adorable or completely evil.  So as a representation of our year together I pulled some of my favorites to share with any other potential budding cat ladies* that may read our blog.  Enjoy!

*Although I may not fully comprehend how a person can own 7+ cats and be a complete recluse and fulfill other crazy cat lady stereotypes, I think it’s unfair that people call a person who is really affectionate about his or her one or two felines a “cat lady”.  Living  with Kiko during a period of my life with many, many transitions, my cat has been the one consistent factor in my life even though she could go from cuddling with me to biting my ankles until I turned the laserpointer back on in a matter of minutes.  She’s a source of comfort and pride, so anyone who will make fun of me for making a big deal of living and caring of another living creature for a year I dare you to do it and not feel as obliged! 🙂

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