Throwback Thursday: Disney World Addition


Erin and I rockin' our Goofy and Daisy Duck hats.

For whatever reason, Disney World/Land has been coming up in conversation a lot lately. I keep seeing it in my Facebook feed from friends (Disneyland) and family (my Uncle Jimmy and his family are currently in Disney World), and Erin requested that I post something “warm,” so here it is. We technically went to Disney World in October, but it’s in Florida, so technically still warm. This was probably before my father ruined my childhood sleeping habits by taking me on the Alien Ride (it is now a Lilo and Stitch ride…much less scary that fucking Ridley Scott’s Alien. I couldn’t sleep for YEARS.)



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One thought on “Throwback Thursday: Disney World Addition

  1. Oh my gosh. I remember I was scared at even the outside of it, and my mom wouldn’t let me go on Alien with my sisters and dad and am SO thankful she didn’t! hah!

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