Fresh Fridays: I only look good when I’m busy

Phew, it’s been a long day, guys. I woke up at 6:30 to shower and go to a couple of lectures related to the Smart Museum’s current exhibition on Avant-garde legacies in Postwar France.  I often talk about my desire to go to Hyde Park more frequently, but then I actually go and remember why it’s a want that’s difficult to make a reality: my apartment the Smart Museum have the blue line, green line, and the 55 bus in between them.  The overpowering winds in Chicago today didn’t help the trip, either.  But, hey, at least the sun came out in the end.

But I made it there this morning.  I was one of the few people not associated with the University of Chicago, but I met a woman who works in the Art Institute’s library.  That place seems so mythical and inaccessible, but she reassured me that they welcome and encourage students of art and art history to come whenever we can.  You can bet that I’ll be there next Thursday then, for sure.  From the lecture then I came north to Lincoln Park to meet with an Italian tutor and then head straight to work. I’m not used to jam-packed days like this, but I enjoy them when they do come my way.  There’s no time to over think, feel bored, or spend 20 minutes trying to decide whether I should keep my hat on or take it off which always ends with me keeping it on anyway.  I did, however, take a moment to snap some pics of my outfit because, despite being out of foundation, being doomed to wearing a hat to hide my wind swept hair that constantly looks like sex hair no matter how much styling paste I use, and very little sleep, I look and feel pretty damn good today.


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