Throwback Thursday: First Tattoo Edition

I know Erin already posted a throwback of our actual tattoos that we got when we were 18 and 16, but you have to see where we got them. OK, you don’t HAVE to, but whatever. We got our tattoos done at Buzz Jr’s in North Carolina right off the marine base Camp Lejeune. Our cousin Bobby (the one posing with the skull tattoo on his shoulder) was leaving to go overseas so pretty much our entire family (minus our Grandma, but she’s still awesome) got tattoos with him. I always tell people this story and they think it’s so cool. Probably because it is. Love everyone in this photo.

Left to right: Me, Uncle Bill, Erin, Grandma, and then Aunt Gretchen, Aunt Theresa, and Bobby kneeling.

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