New: Prayer Candles from éan candles

This weekend has been a bit hectic in the best way possible for me. I went to a Tails of the City Rescue adoption event and think I found the pup of my dreams (more on that later – still in the middle of the adoption process), got some writing done, and made a LOT of new candles for my etsy shop.

I live right next to a small family owned Mexican-Catholic candle and oil store. I go in there so often the dogs in there are excited to see me again and the woman that owns it gives me free incense every time I go. I have been purchasing Prayer Candles from her and quickly became fascinated with them. There are prayer candles to make a lover stay loyal, prayer candles to get money fast, and prayer candles to help open up roads and remove blocks. A lot of this fell into line with what I had been researching when I first started my candle line: hoodoo, oils, and herbs and their magical properties. I decided that since I am a bit of a lapsed Catholic and didn’t feel comfortable working with Saints (as many of the prayer candles at aforementioned shop did), I decided I needed to make my own, secular-based magical prayer candles.

And here they are! Carefully crated, handmade soy wax ritual candles. Each candle is prepared with intent, full of essential oils, and contains seven small and gorgeous pieces of Fluorite. Fluorite is an incredibly versatile crystal, able to help with intuition, protection, balance, enhancing creativity, and bringing about wisdom and power.

These candles are perfect for meditation, manifesting wishes, placing on your altar, or even to be lit strictly in times of need. With a burn time of 80 + hours, these beauties will charge your fluorite gemstones with intent. Once the candle is completely burned, carry the crystals with you in your pocket or as a piece of jewelry to keep the intent strong within you.

Each candle is topped with black soy wax, full of myrrh, melissa, oakmoss, and marjoram to get rid of any negative energy or obstacles preventing your intentions from manifesting. The bottom color corresponds with your intention.

So, if you feel like shopping this President’s Day, please look at the new section of my etsy shop! Each of these candles are made by hand (as evidenced by my kitchen counter top caked with wax in every color imaginable), use essential oils, and really are my baby in a way. I am really proud of what my little etsy shop has become and seeing it grow over the past several months has been very rewarding.

Black and Green Candle for Self Harmony and Actualization The pieces of fluorite are small, perfect for your pocket or to put somewhere safe. Feel like this will be a big seller - black and pink candle for lurrrve

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