Ancestry Quarterly at True Blue Tattoo

For those who don’t know, Ancestry Quarterly is a publication that inspires struggling and successful artists by exploring and exhibiting aesthetics places and people.  They are a self-proclaimed window into the ever-changing art world, and they are awesome.  They hosted an event Saturday at a tattoo parlor in Humboldt Park called True Blue Tattoo to raise funds for their publishing.  For 10 bucks we got to see some rad surferesque rock band, check out some art, and watch people get tattoos.  Yup, they had $60 tattoo specials! (Don’t worry, mom, I didn’t get one.)  The event was sponsored by DryHop Brewers, who supplied beer from Dry Hop, Half Acre, and Lagunitas.  Also there was various forms of chicken.

Can you all just for a second imagine a bunch of hip twenty-somethings in a small, traditional tattoo parlor with a red cup of Pale Ale in one hand, a chicken tender in the other, with their friend getting a tattoo of the outline of his home state to the left and threes punks in glasses jamming and jumping around to the right?  It was bizarre and perfect.  Thank you, Ancestry! Their new issue comes out March 1st, so be sure to check it out and give them your support!

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