Art Nerd: Day Trip to Pilsen

As I mentioned on Friday, the DePaul Art History Department sponsored a bus trip down to Pilsen yesterday.  The group of 20 spent an hour on a mural tour with our guide Jose and another hour seeing the current temporary exhibits at the National Museum of Mexican Art.  Although it was freezing (as per usual) yesterday, the sun was out, which illuminated the vivid murals that cover the buildings of the neighborhood.  Mostly politically motivated, the murals depict images relating issues of immigration, promotion of the actual community over politicians, and the oppression of other groups of the United States.  These didactic visual aids attempt instill the community, specifically its youth who will have the power to change the way things are, the priorities, values, and motivation to fight.  The one of an adapted form of Gulliver entangled by barbed wire is especially jarring.  As if Jose’s descriptions of the murals wasn’t worth the trip alone, the National Museum of Mexican Art has a fantastic exhibit, Galeria sin fronteras, right now.  I especially enjoyed many of the female artists’ work.  If you can get to Pilsen anytime soon, I highly recommend it.

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