Throwback Thursday: Book Nerds Edition

We nerds

Right now, I am in week 4 of “The Artist’s Way,” and this week is a fucking doozy. Every week, there is a new “focus,” helping you release your inner Picasso/super artist. It is twelve weeks long (the author, Julia Cameron, is a huge advocate of AA/NA/Anon groups in general and how they work) and it is like peeling back a layer each week. Sometimes you aren’t aware of it. Other weeks, like this week, you are painfully aware of layers being shed. This week is focusing on integrity, and in order to do that, I’m not allowed to read.

Like, at, all.

I am taking it with a grain of salt because Cameron wrote this at least 25 years ago before 24/7 email and all of that jazz, but actively not reading? It’s fucking hard. Every morning, my way of waking up is coffee and going through my blogs. Not having that this morning was…well, it shook me up. It’s such a brain dead activity disguised as “learning” (Oh! Look! I am reading this really important article about photoshop on Jezebel! I’M CULTURED.) and not having it was horrible! Tumblr? Haven’t been on it in over 12 HOURS. (I know, unheard of.) I am supposed to take this time to create, clean, etc. Or, as I have discovered, pace a lot because I am not reading.

So I thought I would post this photo for our Throwback Thursday. We were/are supernerds and maybe dressed up for the release of the seventh Harry Potter book? And made t-shirts? And maybe we shipped Ron and Hermione even though J.K. Rowling regrets it? We were insane, each got our own copy of the book, and finished it within 24 hours, if it even took that long.

Anything you are reading that is awesome right now? I want to hear it in the comments and live vicariously through you (I can read comments on my own blog, right? Right.)

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