Lovely Things: Awkward Hair Solutions

I’m in desperate need of a haircut.  My once fine pixie cut has become a shaggy mess, and I either have to learn how to style it or cut it all off again.  But in a test of my patience, I want to try to grow it out, at least a little bit.  So what do I do with this mess until it becomes a proper bob?  Well, according to the infinite wisdom of the internet, I still need a haircut.  I, or anyone trying to grow their short hair out, need to keep the bottom of the pixie short and clean so the top layers of hair have time to grow out.  But that still means awkward lengths and shagginess that I am not prepared to deal with.  Enter accessories.  If you’re lazy like me, instead of learning to gel, mousse, and style your growing hair, just cover and alter it with hats, clips, and headbands.  Plus in the remaining Chicago winter months you can never have too many beanies.

I seriously want that Looney Tunes hat from Lazy Oaf so. dang. badly. Anyone know the US dollar equivalent of 25 pounds?

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