Introducing: Seymour (HOPEFULLY FOREVER)

As you may or may not know from my self-help book post, I have been reading (actually just finished last night) The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer. While there are some things I do not agree with (he talks about how people “don’t really need medication” to get through depression, it’s just a lower energy…yeah, no bro, I think some people DEFINITELY need medication for mental illness. ), there are a lot of things that I was like, “Oh, that makes sense.”

One of them was putting out into the universe what you want and acting as if you already have it, or “thinking from the end.” I liked this because that’s what everyone tells you to do with screenwriting (and it does help) and it makes sense. You act as if you have already achieved your end goal and therefore you do more things to actually get you there.

I am probably explaining this terribly, but what I want to say is that IT WORKS. Saturday night, I was posting an obnoxious amount of photos on my Mom’s facebook of chihuahua mixes I wanted to adopt. Chihuahuas and Pit Bulls are constantly abandoned in Los Angeles (200 Pits are killed A DAY in LA County) and while my apartment is too small for a Pit, I figured I could handle a chihuahua of sorts.

Cut to the next morning. I go outside to get my mail, and here is this cute lil pup, no collar, nothing. I walked him around the neighborhood asking if this was anyone’s dog, but none of my neighbors were claiming him. I brought him to a Vet, found out he is perfectly healthy, flea-free, and has miraculously wonderful teeth. He has no microchip, nothing to mark him as owned, and, despite all of the posters I have put up in my neighborhood, the Craigslist ad, and searching through the missing pet postings on a bunch of different websites, no one is claiming this 1-2 year old chihuahua mix.

SO. I decided I am going to keep him for the next couple weeks, see if anyone responds to my posts or I come across anything, and if not…I’m keeping the kid. He’s so sweet, loves sitting on laps, and, surprisingly, is getting along REALLY WELL with my cat. Well, they are getting there. He was kissing her and she let it happen for a couple of seconds and then just walked away. See? BEST FRIENDS.

Here’s to selfishly hoping no one claims Seymour so I can keep him forever.

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