Fresh Fridays: Graphic Kitsch Edition

Last night I got my hair trimmed – something that was LONG overdue, especially since I decided it was a good idea to cut my own bangs back in December – and the woman who cut my hair kept saying how much I looked like a doll with the trim she was giving me. She confessed to being a little overworked/delirious, but she said it at least five times, her voice getting louder each time.

“Oh my GOD. You can pull off this hair because you look like a fucking doll. JESUS.”

She curled my hair under, said it again, and I was feeling pretty good. I thought to myself “I am gonna rock this baby doll look SO FUCK EVERYONE.” I don’t know why I said “fuck everyone” to myself, but I did. I decided that I was going to rock this winged eyeliner, curled under hair, superbabe look everyday. Unfortunately, I like to sleep in, don’t own a roundbrush, and take a total of five minutes to do my hair and make up in the morning. So I will have to settle for halfway there. I feel like the black sweater combined with this bodycon skirt adds some 60s French moodiness, though, so the look still works, yeah?

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