Throwback Thursday: Teal Babes Edition

We are here and we are TEAL.

The main reason I like doing these Throwback Thursdays is so my parents will comment on it and remind me how much they love me (I NEED CONSTANT AFFIRMATIONS THAT I AM LOVED AND ADORED.) They usually say that this post made them teary-eyed or something, silently signaling that a chord has been struck with them, reminding them of their mortality or something super meta that I am in no way prepared to process myself right now. All I know is that I get instant validation via Facebook and blog comments about how cute we were and how much they miss “the old days.” Also, Erin and I look STUPID CUTE in this. Erin was a lil baldy babe and in a lot of pictures from aforementioned “good old days,” I am holding her hand or covering her ears or trying to be a good big sister and protect her in some way.

Feel free to share your babe-y photos in the comments section or something of that nature. Or, you know, tell me how cute Erin and I were/are.

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