DIY arT Show

This past Saturday in Chicago was one of the most brutal this season. It was one of those blisters on your fingertips and toes, suffocating on freezing wind kind of nights.  A night when I would usually wrap myself up in four blankets, force my cat to lay on my lap, and watch the X-files or Buffy.  But my cool friend Amy in turn has some pretty cool friends herself who put together an art show with live music.  Well, crowded places with PBR and art can keep you just as warm as a heated laptop can, right?  So with our wine coats on, Amy and I ventured from the warmth of Thai Bowl to The Observatory in Lincoln Park.

A lot of the art was concerned with the treatment and representation of the human form and physicality.  I really enjoyed Lily Mindich’s work, especially a color painting of a nude man that possessed a feeling of androgyny and provocation.  Angela Roiniotis‘s sketchbook was filled with amazingly eerie and fantastical hybrid creatures, and I found myself (and others) flipping through it taking in the amazingly imaginative realm of its pages.

Bode Radio and The Hccks played really energetic, tight sets, too!  And…instead of trying to describe their sound here are the music to listen to and pictures (courtesy of Amy) to observe.

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