Lovely Things: Must Be The Moon

Yesterday was (or today for those of you London and further East) the first full moon of 2014. Full moons are kind of awesome – it is said that during the full moon, all of your positive thoughts are amplified (so have a lot of them!), things are at their peak of growth, and as the moon starts to wane, you can use that time to get rid of negative things in your life. Just as the moon slowly fades away, so do these shitty habits/clutter/whatever it is you don’t need in your life. You can read more about the moon here on Mystic Mamma (thanks to Marissa for posting this link on Facebook – so awesome!) You could also fill your moon cravings with some of these lovely things.

must be the moon

1. Phases of the Moon Lunar Screenprint from Warpaintshop. I really, really need this. So lovely.

2. Crescent Moon Knuckel Ring from AWildViolet. I may have already bought this for myself.

3. Never Ending Muscle Tee from Wasteland. I feel like Zoey on American Horror Story would wear this while sporting one of her amazing hats.

4. Dark Side of the Moon nail polish by Deborah Lippman from Summerland. I have really fallen in love with Lippman’s nail polishes. This one looks dark and sultry and perfect for those full moon evenings.

5. Daughters of the Moon book series by Lynne Ewing. I read these in middle school and remember LOVING THEM. In retrospect, a few of the girls’ relationships with men were…problematic to say at the least. But this was like The Craft/Charmed/Buffy AND the girls’ sage leader/guide was named Maggie, so you know I was into it. If you ever want to read some YA books over a cold weekend or pitch this as a series to CW, well, you’re welcome.

Did you do anything awesome for the full moon yesterday? Dance naked under it? Meditate? Watch four hours of X-Files? Let us know in the comments section.

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