Fresh Fridays: We’re Back!

It seems like ages since either Maggie or I made the conscious effort to look good enough to look “fresh”.  Admittedly, while at home over break I rarely donned anything other than leggings and flannels and unwashed hair.  Such is break, though, right?  But now we’re back on our game.  DPAM is finally open again and with the awesome new exhibition, The Sochi Project, which focuses on Caucasus, the subtropical conflict zone where the 2014 Winter Olympics will take place.  The show is full of biographical portraits and atmospheric shots printed on newspaper and wheat pasted onto the walls. The Opening Reception is on the 17th, so you’ll have to stop by if you want to see the actual images!

Anyway, now that I get to work again I have a reason to dress semi-nicely.  This sweater I picked up in a vintage shop Sergio brought me to in Paris.  It was only 10 euros, and I’m in love with it.  Can’t stop wearing it.  Also pretty obsessed with this new Tarte lipstick I got, called Wild.  I’m totally into pairing red lips with my ultra winter white skin.


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