Lovely Things: A Stay Warm Wishlist

I don’t know where everyone who reads this blog lives, but if you’re not so lucky as Maggie to live in LA then this list probably applies.  Here in the wonderful city of Chicago the weather is a HIGH of -52 degrees with the wind chill.  What was supposed to be my first day of winter classes and a regular Monday of work for fellow Chicagoans has become a test of survival.  If any of you have to leave your bed and face the killer cold, my heart goes out to you. But if you’re lucky enough like me to have all things cancelled then you won’t have to leave your warm comfy bed at all ever the end.  Still, heaters don’t always work or we don’t always want to pay for them, so the sinister cold seeps in through cracks and drafty apartment walls.  To distract myself from this unpleasant cold front (sorry for the vast understatement) I made this wish list of items I wish I had in my possession to create the perfect Survivor’s Guide to the Deadly Chicago Winter of 2014.

LHWL1. Italian style hot chocolate from Dolce Vita Chocolatto 

God, Italian hot chocolate is the best because it is like hot melted pudding. So rich, so creamy, so warm. A guaranteed way to warm up from the inside out

2. Smoko Footwarmer Slippers from the Walker Art Center Shop

I’ve been eyeing these USB chargeable slippers for a while because, well, first they’re adorable.  And second, feet always seem to always be the hardest part of the body to keep warm. So these seem like the perfect alternative to five pairs of socks.

3. Red Ginger and Rosemary Pillar Candle by éan candles

Sure candles may not actually create that much heat in an open space, but hear me out. The mere presence of that glowing, flickering flame looks warm and creates the illusion of warmth.  Therefore, just by having a candle or two lit you feel cozier.  And according to Maggie (and I trust her since these are her candles, after all) this candle is for strength.  As in, we need all the strength we can muster to get through this. Plus they make the air smell less cold. (Yes, for those who live in warm areas, I would definitely argue that cold has a distinctive smell.)

4. Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

Because while you’re cooped up in your house or apartment Calvino lets you experience the fantastical travels of Marco Polo (being relayed to Genghis Khan, of course).  You can escape the cold through his endless descriptions of the great city of Venezia while still wrapped up in your comforter. Which leads me to my next item of choice…

5. 100% Wool Comforter from Elijah’s Breath Farm

Really pretty self-explanatory.

6. Ginger Root Oil from Piping Rock

Turns out that among the bazillion other things essential oils are good for they also help circulation, especially ginger root, grapefruit, and cyrus.  Rub it on your hands and feet and presto! Blood’s flowing again.  This is pretty essential (haha) for someone like myself who has terrible, terrible circulation and has Raynauds (google it).  Painfully numb falanges are no joke, my friends.

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2 thoughts on “Lovely Things: A Stay Warm Wishlist

  1. Nice! That candle is like two of my favorite herbs (i’m going to go with calling ginger an herb for right now). Two really invigorating scents to push you into action I think. While rosemary also soothes weariness. Loving the stuff you guys have been putting out =)

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