Photo Diary: Paris and Florence

The second half of my trip abroad took place in Paris and Florence. I’d been to Paris once before but only for about four days.  Unlike last time, the sun was out all three days.  But similar last time I still got the feeling of belonging, a desire to be there for an extended period. “Paris est à la rue,” and someday I hope to be a part of that vibrant, intelligent, sensible populace.  Again, creativity and hope bursts forth amongst the streets there.

As for the return to Florence…gah. Such an emotional overwhelming and complex experience is hard to put into words.  Put into simple terms, I would say giddiness and anxiousness combined with desires to fall entirely into nostalgia competing with urges to discover new gems sums up my inner turmoil of emotions upon the return to Firenze.  Maybe this all makes more sense through photos…

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