Photo Diary: My time in Benelux

I’ve recently gotten back from my two week excursion throughout continental Europe.  It was a period of rejuvenation, reflection, and stimulation that has left me feeling creative and full of energy (now that the jetlag has begun to subside, at least).  Talking about it I really just gush incoherently about museums and people and food.  So instead I tried to keep a rough photo journal of the experience.  My trip can be divided into two distinct portions: places new to me and places to which I returned.  The former section includes Brussels, Amsterdam, and Bruges.  These places were stunning and grimy, international and quaint.

The first 11 photos are just pictures of architecture I took on an old 35mm camera where the film got screwy, but ended up in some cool overlapping frames.  The rest are all the beautiful, weird things I saw in Belgium and Holland in a rough chronological order.

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2 thoughts on “Photo Diary: My time in Benelux

  1. Thanks for sharing your story and pics. seems like you are having a very fulfilling life. Good for you. Be well. Love, Aunt Mary XXXOOOXXX.

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