Lovely Things: Support Independent Businesses This Holiday Season!

Independent Holiday

One of my favorite blogs (OK, I have a lot) is Door Sixteen. Anna’s blog talks about everything, from amazing DIY interior renovations to skin care. One thing that she brought up recently is the idea of buying ONLY from independent shops/artisans this holiday season, and I was like, holy cow, that makes sense. I know that independent shops can’t get you/whoever in your life wants a PS4, but let’s be real, not everyone on your shopping list is wanting something of that nature.

You need a hostess gift. Instead of buying an expensive soap from Macy’s, why don’t you check out some handmade soap? Your sister loves to write. Instead of getting a cute journal from Barnes & Noble, grab a gorgeous leather journal from an independent artisan. You get the idea.

I think we get caught up in the whole gift-giving aspect of the holiday, but I think this is the way to justify it. By shopping at independent shops, you are supporting small business, getting a one of a kind gift, and, in my opinion, showing the gift recipient that yeah, you went through some effort for this gift and really thought of them when you purchased it.

So please check out all of the shops listed on Door Sixteen, and feel free to share your Etsy shop/Big Cartel/whatever it may be in the comments!

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