End of November: Our Most Bumpin’ Posts

Hello December

Holy shit I cannot believe it is December – where the fuck did this year go? Erin is over in Europe being all cute and wander-lusty and I am in LA going crazy at work (in a good way!) and getting loads of candle orders and having way too much fun with friends. For a year that started out as complete shit, it’s pretty amazing that I am here right now. (I can’t speak for Erin, but I assume she is as happy as a pig in slop galavanting through continental Europe.)

Anyway, here are our most popular posts of November. There is going to be lots of fun and cool things on here this month, so be sure to check it out, you know, like crazy often.

>>> Fresh Fridays: Peter Pan Collar Edition
>>>Lovely Things: Supplements For Gorgeous Hair and Skin
>>>Art Nerd: Looking at the History of Looted Art in the wake of the Munich Discovery
>>>Fresh Fridays: Don’t Hate the Turtleneck
>>>Lovely Things: Happy Birthday, Ryan Gosling, god among men

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