Lovely Things: Supplements for Gorgeous Hair and Skin

I wish my supplements looked this glamorous.

Never in my life did I think I would write a fucking blog post that is about how to have gorgeous skin and hair. However, after destroying my hair over the summer with way too much CVS brand bleach and my disaster with Accutane through 2012, I have been hellbent on finding natural ways of keeping my skin and hair super healthy and fresh. I have had people – people who I don’t talk to about haircare or skincare – comment on how glowy/nice my skin has been looking. Even my hair seems to be growing at a faster rate, so I felt like it was my duty as an acne prone, brittled hair lady to share my knowledge. So yes, here is a blog post with the barf inducing title of “Gorgeous Skin and Hair”

I’m talking about pills, y’all. Pop them in the club if you want to feel cool. JK you should take them with meals and drink buttloads of water with them. Here is what I have been taking over the past couple of weeks and how they have been helping me turn into an even more gorgeous babe, if that’s even possible.

Biotin – You’ve heard of this. Your hairdresser has probably mentioned this to you at least once. My hairdresser has. After fixing my bleach-destroyed hair, I was told that I had one layer of hair going…usually hair has FOUR LAYERS. So I started popping Biotin ASAP. A member of the Vitamin B family, Biotin is amazing for your hair and nails. I usually chew my nails but not anymore…because they are literally so hard that I cannot chew through them. I take one 5,000mg pill a day (usually in the morning) and make sure to drink a LOT of water with it. Biotin is water soluble, and if you don’t get enough hydration, the biotin can build up, and, in some horrible cases, cause you to break out. NOT HAPPENING TO MAGGIE. I drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. I pee a lot, but my skin is staying clear and my hair is growing FAST.

Pre-natal Vitamins – You’ve probably also heard of this. People claim that prenatal vitamins are amazing for hair, skin, and nails. And honestly, since taking them (three times a day – I am very diligent), my skin has cleared up immensely. I like to think that taking this along with the Biotin is going to make my hair grow an inch a week. I have only been taking Biotin for a week, so I am sure I will be growing Rapunzel-esque hair in no time.

Milk Thistle – I take this primarily for my skin. Again, I am crazy diligent and will take two pills with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Milk Thistle is amazing for your liver (I swear it saved me a few times in college after binge drinking), so it aids in filtering out toxins that could come out in the form of super fun zits. Increased liver function = less break outs.

B 12 – I also take this primarily for my skin. It is a key component to cell regeneration, which if you’ve ever bought an overpriced skin cream from Sephora, you know is good for glowy skin. It also supports metabolic function, so in my head, the faster/more efficiently my body is able to function, the faster it will be able to fend off infections that could cause break outs. It makes sense in my head.

All of these supplements are relatively cheap as well. I think the most expensive were the prenatal vitamins, which was $11 for a bottle from Ralph’s. I got the rest from Trader Joe’s and none of them were more expensive than $8 for a bottle of 90 pills. To me, it’s worth it.

Do you take any specific vitamins/minerals/magic drugzz to help with your skin? Anything I need to add to my already insane daily routine?

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