Fresh Fridays: Don’t Hate the Turtleneck

Usually I’m totally on board with the whole “Turtlenecks are constricting and unflattering” train along with so many other women I seem to know.  However, THIS turtleneck. I LOVE this turtleneck.  I feel like a pseudo-beatnik or something.  It was my great-grandpa’s and I stumbled across it in my mom’s closest one time last spring.  Now that’s it’s cold out I can finally wear it and look “cool” without sweating my ass off.  Ya know?  It’s also the softest, coziest turtleneck in the world (that I’ve experienced thus far) and cannot wait to wear it in the freezing DPAM galleries all afternoon.

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3 thoughts on “Fresh Fridays: Don’t Hate the Turtleneck

  1. I’ve always loved turtle necks or polo necks as well call them, I’ve always found them to add smartness and smoothness to any outfit and this one does indeed look very smart on you 🙂

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