Lovely Things: Packaging

As of late, I have been focusing a lot on aesthetic. I daydream about the day when this blog looks as lovely as some of my daily reads such as Honey Kennedy and Miss Moss. I browse through Tumblr and wipe away the drool as I look at stunning, sunshine filled minimalist spaces that I tell myself one day will be mine. And, with the holidays just around the corner, I have been seriously looking into some beyond-lovely packaging for my candles.

At first I was very against packaging because it can be expensive and I want to be able to tell my customers that you are ONLY paying for an amazing product, not the packaging. However, I know that’s not how the world spins. I myself am a sucker for packaging and have found myself in situations when I have spent thirty dollars on a lipstick because the box it came it was just so adorable. While I don’t think a branding and packaging re-haul is anywhere in the immediate future for éan candles, I do think that it is something I will seriously pursue come 2014. Here are some packaging ideas that have been inspiring me:

Tarot Card by Catbird

How gorgeous is this candle packing from Catbird? (But don’t buy this candle, buy mine, damnit.)

Lovely Herb SoapsAnd this packaging for adorable herb soap from Decorative Country Living?


I didn’t even know what this product was but after seeing the packaging I wanted it. Hello Flawless from Benefit.

Herbivore Botanticals

Sorry I just died due to gorgeous packaging. By Herbivore Botanicals.

Do you have anything you are guilty of purchasing due to some awesome packaging? Do you think it really influences if you buy something?

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