Lovely Things: Broke and Daydreamin’

I am a big believer in retail therapy. Right now I am trying to find the balance between my two jobs, personal writing projects, the branding of my etsy shop, and, you know, my personal life, and it’s rough. Unfortunately, my wallet will not allow for me to indulge in a lot of things, AKA anything that is not a necessity at this point in my life. My Mom always said I had champagne taste and a beer wallet. Hopefully one day I will have a Dom Perignon wallet and will be able to afford goodies like these and be the person who offers to pick up the tab when my friends and I go out to eat.

Until then, I am just going to keep writing, working, and slowly adding to my ever-growing Amazon Wishlist.

1. Resin Buffalo Skull Head from White Faux Taxidermy // 2. Rice Magic Hand Throw Pillow from Pure Home //

3. Don’t Tell Me To Smile Sweatshirt from hannahisawful // 4. Gem Vessel in Mint from Beneath the Sun

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