Mixtape: Witches’ Rave Edition

On Wednesdays we wear black. And Mondays. And every day.

If you’ve been reading this, it will not surprise you that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Recently, my mom sent me “the creepiest” Halloween decorations she had because she “knew I was into that shit.” She also (in all seriousness) asked if I was worshipping the devil/was into black magic back in April. Of course I started speaking in tongues and hung up the phone and then erupted into a fit of giggles.

Maybe I have done spells with friends before. Maybe we are trying to form a coven and we collect crystals and we break a lot of boys’ hearts. And maybe, deep down, we think if we believe it enough, we will become witches.

In all honesty, ladies, what ISN’T appealing about being a witch? A witch is one of the few supernatural characters that make women large and in charge. Granted, these women aren’t always put in a good light, and there’s ALWAYS one that uses her power for evil (I am talking about you, Nancy of The Craft), but having you been watching American Horror Story: Coven?!?! Don’t you want to look at someone and make them forget the embarrassing slew of texts you sent to them the other night with just a wink? Don’t you want to have spoopy powers?

OK, if you aren’t at least laughing at this, we can’t be friends. If you are nodding your head eagerly and want to spend lots of nights at House of Intuition, have tea reading sessions, and maybe perform a love spell or two, well then, check out this mix of music. And hit me up.

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