Goebbert’s Pumpkin Farm

Lizzie and I have wanted to go apple picking for the past few weeks and, well, that didn’t work out so we went to a pumpkin farm instead.  Anti-climatic? Nope!  We drove to the edge of Barrington to a large pumpkin farm to grab some gourds for pie and decor.  Now, this place is pretty bizarre.  I don’t really understand their compilation of characters, ranging from Disney classics to Nick Jr. stars.  Lizzie and I did have fun posing with them, though.  The pumpkins are reasonably priced (we only paid 9 dollars for four small pumpkins) and the selection was decent, too.

But what really threw me off was their “Animal Land”.  Mostly because, well, they had a group of live giraffes out in the cold for patrons to pet.  What?! WHY DOES A PUMPKIN FARM HAVE GIRAFFES? WHY ARE GIRAFFES OUT IN THIS COLD WEATHER?  I got really frustrated that this farm exploits these poor animals and decided it was time to leave.  Of course of the way out through the gift store there is a whole section of giraffe merch, ranging from children’s t-shirts that read “I fed the giraffes at Goebberts!” (good for you, kid) to plush dolls and “Giraffes Rock!” sweatshirts. What. What what what what what what what.  Giraffes have nothing to do with Halloween or agriculture in this region.  This farm should definitely NOT be taking advantage of the fact that they have attained these creatures somehow by making them novelties to bring visitors to their farm instead of others.  I don’t know if I would go back, but I did purchase their pumpkins so I suppose I’m a type of hypocrite.  What are your guys’ thoughts on this?


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