Dad Visits LA: The Weirdest Hippie Weekend Ever

My Dad had planned to come out to Los Angeles last weekend for quite some time. Last time he was here, we went to Sequoia National Park and it was one of the best nature/hiking/Northern California weekends ever. I had been to Joshua Tree before with Alex, and I thought my Dad would like it, so we planned on going to that park this time.

And then the government was like LOL JK no you’re not we are gonna close the park but pay loads of money to have helicopters fly over to make sure you don’t trespass anyway makes sense right?

So what happened was a very bizarre, but amazing trip. We ended up at a very hippie (like even too crazy for me desert rat hippie) sort of music festival in Joshua Tree that got better as it went on, laughed til we cried at the Laugh Factory off Sunset, and hiked up Runyon Canyon on Sunday. It’s already Wednesday and I am still exhausted from this visit and have to get ready to leave for New York for my friend Anthony’s wedding, so I will let the pictures do the talking.

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