Throwback Thursday: Our First Tattoos

Recently Danny’s been bugging Maggie and me about getting sibling tattoos together when Maggie’s in Chicago this winter.  Both of them seem to have a pretty refined idea about what they want inked on their bodies while I’m still in the air on a few concepts/designs/locations, go figure.  Anyway, it just got me thinking about when Maggie and I got our first tattoos together with the rest of our family (well, our mom, Aunt Theresa, Aunt Gretchen, Uncle Bill, cousins Billy, Bobby, and Jimmy) back in March 2008.  Maggie was 18, and I was 16.  We all got tattoos with Bobby since he was in the Marines and about to leave.  The whole experience forms a major part of my adolescence; I can’t speak for Maggie, but I’d say so for her, too.  At the time I didn’t even decide on my tattoo until on the car ride to North Carolina, and I’m still pretty content with it.  So maybe I’ll just wing it again.

tbt tattoos

Maggie’s on the left; I’m on the right

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