Mixtape: Dark Desert Drive

Hello Moon

Despite the government shut down and the consequential closing of Joshua Tree National Park, our Dad is still flying out to LA to visit me and we are still going to fucking Joshua Tree. There is a music festival of sorts going on and plenty of trails that haven’t been shut down by the government. We are determined to have a good time.

I am picking good ole Joe up from LAX after work and we are heading straight to Joshua Tree. It is about a two hour drive from Los Angeles, and everyone knows the most important thing about a road trip, even one as short as two hours, is the music.

I texted my Dad this morning with the following instructions: “Making a dark desert drive playlist – any requests? Think dark and moody but not necessarily depressing.” Between the two of us, we came up with this hodgepodge of music. It’s dark, angsty but determined, and perfect for a cool night of driving through the desert. If you want to open it straight in Spotify, click here. If not, feel free to listen below.

Also, I will probably be instagramming a buttload of groovy desert photos over the weekend. Feel free to follow me on Instagram as well. 

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