Throwback Thursdays: We’re Cooler Than You, Kevin Russ Edition

So if you are familiar with this thing called the Internet and an app called Instagram, you have heard the name Kevin Russ thrown around. You have at least one friend who has totally creamed their pants over his work. He takes photos of pretty girls, nature, and often, pretty girls in nature. Here is a quick example, taken from his Flickr:

Kevin Russ

Groundbreaking! OK, maybe I am just a little jaded, but that is only because these types of photos have always existed, so why all the excitement? Case in point, this grainy photo from a disposable camera that was taken in Arkansas twelve years ago. We were Kevin Russ before Kevin Russ was Kevin Russ. There is no such thing as Kevin Russ. We are all Kevin Russ. Let’s say it one more time for SEO purposes: Kevin Russ.

Yeah, we were into pixelated soft grunge before you.

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