Eats and Reads: City Fiction and Amish Pie

So, still thinking of a new title for this section.  Food and Fiction is some prime alliteration material, but I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into only cooking while reading fiction; what about the riveting historical Crusaders text I’m reading for a class or the collection of Modern Latin American Art Readings for another?  That’s the only reason I’m hesitant about that one.  But still open to suggestions! (PLEASE!)

Anyway, I’m currently reading John Dos Passos’ Manhattan Transfer for the same modern american fiction course that I had to read The Sun Also Rises. The distorted perspective of time, his infiltration of seemingly small or unrelated characters into each others’ lives, and the themes of pursuit of the American Dream in modernity actually remind me a lot of Infinite Jest.  It only makes sense that Dave Eggers is a huge fan of both prolific writers, then.

But nothing is better than late night reading than having some sort of dessert to have with it if you’re not a fan of night coffee or cigarettes.  Thankfully my mama has this habit of sending me half pies whenever she has one, because she says there’s no way she could consume the whole thing herself.  This week she sent me this Amish-made Black Raspberry Pie that was so delicious and fresh and warm and gooey.  It was from somewhere called Yoder Bakery in Indiana.  Anyone every heard of it? Seriously though, fruit pie or none at all.  Unless it’s coconut cream. Or french silk. Okay I lied. All the pie all the time.


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