Lovely Things: Natural Skin and Hair Care Edition

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California is really rubbing off on me. While back in Chicago I worked for Lush (and even worked at Lush for a little bit last summer here in LA), so I have always been predisposed towards more natural (AKA dirty hippie) skincare and haircare products. Last year I went on the other end of the spectrum and was on Accutane, which, please, for the love of all things good and pure in this world, never put into your body. I could spend a majority of this post writing about how it was a catalyst to a crippling depression (but I was hell-bent on staying on it! I wanted that clear skin!) and how it rendered me completely unable to drink alcoholic drinks without puking – even now, after a year of being off of it – and how in the long run it didn’t even work, but hey, that would be a pretty heavy post, and I don’t want to do that to you even though I just sort of did in run-on sentence form.

Anyway. Due to catastrophic events with aforementioned “superdrug” Accutane, I have veered towards the more natural side of skincare and haircare, and my body couldn’t be any more pleased. Here are a few products that I am absolutely loving that are helping with with sensitive, acne-prone skin and dry-destroyed hair due to all the bleach and Manic Panic I put in it from April through August of this year.

1.) Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade White Virgin Coconut Oil – I went out for coffee with my friend Casey and she recommended coconut oil to me. IT’S AWESOME FOR EVERYTHING. I use it as a hair mask to help sooth and feed my dry overly-processed hair. Leave it in for thirty minutes, heat it up a bit, rinse it out, and boom! Glossy lovely hair.

It’s also super awesome for your skin. You can use it as a moisturizer, which I know is a scary thought for oily skin types, but trust me, it won’t break you out and your skin loves it. Coconut oil is  nature’s richest source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), also called medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs, or, in lay terms, things that are awesome for your skin and hair. It helps regenerate cells and helps the body form antibiotics to fight break-outs. I even take coconut oil pills twice a day. I have only been doing this for about a week and both my skin and hair look LOADS healthier.

2.) Avocados. Another pointer from Casey. I have always liked avocado and knew they were good for you in some way or another, but never knew the details. Get ready for me to lay down some science, y’all: Vitamins C, E, K, folic acid, magnesium, and potassium can all be found in avocados. Vitamin E is great for regenerating the skin (AKA keeping it from looking old and getting rid of dark spots/acne scars), Vitamin C helps you fight off infection (zits!) and all the others are just bonuses for the rest of your body, you know, sort of essential things like your brain and your heart. So start eating avocados ASAP.

3.) Get Gorgeous Herb Tea For Clear Skin. I love tea, so telling me that tea is going to clear up my skin only makes me happier. This tea has chamomile, which will help calm down inflammation and redness if you are currently breaking out. It also claims to have loads of antioxidants, which as we all know, are good for you. I have been drinking this for a while and while I haven’t exactly seen miraculous results, I think it is a good substitute for sugary drinks that could contribute to break outs, plus it’s caffeine-free, so it’s great right before bed.

4.) Trader Joe’s Organic Raw Honey. Almost nightly, I look like a crazy person that has slathered honey all over her face. This is because I am a crazy person that has slathered honey all over my face. OR MAYBE I’M NOT THAT CRAZY. Honey, especially in raw form, is super anti-bacterial. This means it is going to fight break outs hardcore. Like the tea, it is also loaded with antioxidants that help speed along the healing process, like scarring or sun spots. Honey is also a natural cleanser – if you don’t want your face to be sticky for an hour, you can simply wash with it as well. I usually put this on at night and that is my writing time. I am not allowed to stop writing until my honey mask is done. It’s a win-win situation.

Have any hippy-dippy-no-I-only-eat-raw-food-and-drink-coconut-water beauty tips? You know I want to hear them.

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4 thoughts on “Lovely Things: Natural Skin and Hair Care Edition

  1. Love it Maggie! I have a post like this in queue on my site. Ill let you know when I post it!

    I put honey on my knee gash I got from long boarding and it was amazing the way it sucked up all the bacteria. Incredible. I need to find that tea now.

    Also carrots, beets and grapefruit are hella good for your skin.

  2. I love natural products, coconut oil hair masks are amazing! I still haven’t managed to find anything that has worked wonders on my skin though, I’m looking for a miracle worker! Baking soda scrubs feel pretty good though, and clay masks make my skin feel so soft after!

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