Fresh Fridays: Finally Fall!

Yesterday in Chicago the day began pretty warm, mid-70’s, blinding sun, etc.  But when walking from my last class to the museum for work, cumulus clouds had formed, a brisk wind blew, and it was a chilly 66 degrees. Although I wasn’t prepared for the “cold” I was so very, very excited. Because Fall! You know, the very clear winner for best season of all time.  Usually in parts of the Midwest we get robbed of a traditional Autumn and instead get weather that transitions straight from insufferably muggy to shocking bitter cold.  But it seems we might get lucky this season!

Today is promised to be a lovely high of 63.  And with the first week of classes wrapping up, I’m heading over to campus to check out the Art History Club at the Involvement Fair, going to work at the museum for a few hours, and doing some homework for my architecture and modern Latin American art classes.  In other words, this Friday the 13th of September is simply the perfect Fall day.  And I get to whip out sweaters and boots! I’m actually donning my roommate’s sweater (thanks, Lizzie!) and some old Autumn clothes.  (I definitely see some sweater shopping in my near future.)  I hope y’all are enjoying wrapping up and walking in the wind. Cheers!

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