Covers Round Up: Come At Me Fall Edition

Come At Me Fall

1. Vintage Velvet Dress from nanometer’s Etsy shop. 2. American Horror Story: Coven. If you’re not excited for this we can’t be friends. 3. The Night Vale Podcast. This has just been getting crazy popular and for good reasons. 4. Twin Peaks. I pretty much reference this all the time, but it has a certain autumn feel to me.

Los Angeles has experienced its first bit of cooler weather so I have very, very quickly jumped into fall mode, despite the promise of 85 degree weather next week. Fall is my favorite (and maybe it’s Erin’s too?) because A. our birthdays are in the fall; B. It is so fit for spooky and fucking weird things, which are my favorites and C. because duh fall it’s the greatest. To accompany the beginning of this eery, chilly, wonderful season, here are a few things I have been obsessing over that I feel fit the spooky autumn vibe along with a few cover songs I have written about over the past week.

*MS MR Gets Sultry Covering Arctic Monkeys “Do I Wanna Know?”
*Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Get Silly with “Get Lucky”
*Tree Gets Weird with Radiohead’s “Karma Police”
*FIDLAR Turns Up Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”

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