Chipotle Cultivate Festival Chicago

Cultivate Music Festival is a “Food. Music. Idea. Festival” put together by Chipotle.  This year the fest took place in three cities: San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago.  In our first roommate outing, Lizzie, her boyfriend Hayward, and myself went over to check out the fest (and the rumored free burritos) in Lincoln Park by the zoo.

The field was filled with a bunch of informative tents, including one on processed v. fresh food, Tabasco sauce, California Avocados, farming facts, etc.  Our task was to go and learn and attain stamps at four of the tents in order to claim our voucher for free food.  Along the way we snagged some samples and free gear, as well as complimentary ice cream from the Gladwell ice cream tricycle for writing reviews at the Google+ tent.  So overall an entirely free afternoon of perceived productivity, live music, and satisfaction.  Well done, Chipotle.

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