LA County Fair

Thank God I have friends like Paul. I had no idea that LA had a County Fair way out East in Pomona that involved, well, everything. There was a petting zoo, pig races, a bizarre sort of building that was selling hot tubs and everything you’ve ever seen on an infomercial, pig races, rides, pig races, carnival games, pig races, a circus, and did I say PIG RACES because those are my favorite.

LA is so weird because it starts to get lava hot in September. (I know I’ve mentioned this before.) so when we went, it felt more like the beginning of summer as opposed to the winding down of the season. Still, we had an amazing time. Paul, Charlotte, and Colin weren’t big on rides so we didn’t go on any, but luckily, the Fair goes through the end of the month so if anyone wants to go on rides that were built in less than 24 hours by people earning minimum wage, you know who to call. (Me. You would call me.)

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