Fresh Fridays: Moving Attire

It’s finally move in day for Lizzie and me. Cheers, Lincoln Park, we’re headed to Logan Square for a while! As a perpetual mover (suburbs to Des Moines to Italy to South Africa to Des Moines to Chicago all in 3 years) I’ve perfected the art of packing and going–or so I like to think so.  One of the most important factors in moving is your outfit. And I mean this in the least fashion-related way possible, unless you’ll be sitting in an international airport for 3+ hours, which is a whole other ordeal.

Anyway, here is my quick checklist for moving attire:

  • A soft t-shirt you got for free at some festival or vendor that doesn’t really reflect your interests at all. In this case, a Hostess shirt boasting about the come back of twinkies I got at Pitchfork Music Festival.
  • shorts that make your booty look good when your squatting to lift boxes or wipe down the fridge.
  • Comfy, reliable shoes. In most cases sandals aren’t the best bet, sure, but worn-in berkenstock almost always prove up to the challenge.
  • And, of course, a hearty breakfast of champions.

Add a few strong dudes, tons of boxes, and a couple of big cars and you’re set!



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