Covers Round Up: Back to Brunette

Back and it feels so good.

That’s me. Today. With brunette hair.

Fall is around the corner and real talk, keeping up with manic panic every three days was a hassle. Did I have fun trying new colors, being “that girl,” and being cat-called as Katy Perry? Yes to all but the last one. Cat calls are the worst.

My brunette hair and I are really happy back together. When I told people I was going to get back with my brunette self, some people were hesitant. One person even threatened to stop being my friend (he says he was joking, but WE ALL KNOW YOU WERE SERIOUS, COLIN.), but you know what? Brunette is good to me. It looks pretty rad on me. And I don’t have to do a ton of maintenance with it. When I was rinsing out the boxed dye from my hair last night, I listened to Brian McKnight’s “Back at One,” and was like “Yes, hair! We can do it! It’s undeniable that we belong together!”

Anyhoo, I am probably going to ramble about my new/old hair a lot, so here are some covers to get you through said gushing.

*Franz Ferdinand Goes Acoustic with Grimes’ “Oblivion”
*Biffy Clyro Goes Mellow Covering Vampire Weekend’s “Diane Young”
*Toro Y Moi Is an ‘Office’ Fanboy with Deep Cut Cover Song
*Twin Shadow Introduces New Cover Series with 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love”
*Kitty (Pryde) Surprises with Sky Ferreira’s “Everything is Embarrassing”
*Bat For Lashes Honors One of Her Favorite Ladies with Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon”

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2 thoughts on “Covers Round Up: Back to Brunette

  1. hi Maggie! It seems to me that you are beautiful in any color hair. you are lucky that way, all those good genes. what makes this even better is that you are so beautiful on the inside as well. have a happy, fun, labor day week end. love and a hug, auntie mary

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