Fresh Fridays: Nostalgia Edition

Marry me, Simon Pegg

It has finally come. Edgar Wright’s final installment of the Cornetto Trilogy, The World’s End, is hitting theaters today. I have been trying to avoid reviews and such because I want to go in completely fresh. The few things I have read seem to point out that this is NOT a Hangover-esque film about overgrown children getting drunk and getting into crazy shenanigans. It is about the danger of nostalgia, complete control vs. no control (both suck, BT-dubs), and how it isn’t cute when 30+ men are still getting drunk and playing at the “boys will be boys” bit. Oh, there are also robots and blue goo and tons of fight sequences so y’all know I’m excited.

Anyway, inspired by this danger of nostalgia, I went for another hippy dress today. As I have mentioned before, for whatever reason when I was a kid, I thought that all hippies did was have long hair and rollerblade everywhere, and those were two of my top priorities as a nine year old. Maybe my misguided connotations were a sign of what was to come. Nowadays, I wear more flowy dresses and skirts than pants, am in the process of growing my hair out yet again, and even did a rollerblading video a few weeks back with Paul Hennessey. So maybe nostalgia isn’t all that dangerous – it’s the not growing up bit/being right for the sake of being right that will bite you in the ass.

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