Fresh Fridays: Museum Daze

Look, two posts in the same day! That’s got to be a record for me.  Anyway, following up on my sleepless night/morning, I work Fridays at the DePaul Art Museum from 11-7. (fun!)  There is a pretty loose dress code here, but the main rules are don’t look like a slob in flip-flops, jean shorts, and sweatshirt.  Being here for 8 hours continually standing and kindly reminding people that, no, we do not touch the art, you need to learn to dress comfortable and appropriate.  Enter this radical floral shorts I got for 10 bucks last week that I’m pretty obsessed with.  I’ve been trying to wear different ways and see what works and what doesn’t.  Comfort-wise in the chilly white-walled DPAM this seemed to work well (especially with that sexy blue vest we have to wear, right?).


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