Covers Round Up: Less Articles, More Screenwriting

Me when I am writing and Pookie is throwing me shade.

Good news, everyone. I have been really putting my nose to the grind or keyboard or whatever the dumb saying is and I have been pounding out some pages on my latest draft of my script. I don’t want to talk about it here, because I once read that if you talk about something, you are less likely to write it, or something of that nature. Just know that I have been working hard and pacing and biting my nails and doin’ work.

This means, however, that I didn’t get a chance to write as many articles for Cover Me Songs this week, which is why you guys are all here obviously duh. Or not. Anyway, still some interesting covers. I wrote one article on Monday that still isn’t posted and it’s my FAVORITE of all the covers I have heard in a while, so I guess you are going to have to wait until next week to hear that. Let these two tide you over until then.

If anybody else is writing or working on a project that depends on your own self discipline, good luck. You can do it. You have to do it. It’s much more fun to tell people that you cranked out 14 pages in a day than to tell them you read 30 articles on Buzzfeed.

Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue Go to the Woods to Get Classical on Witchy Cover

RX Bandits Has Fun with Weezer’s “Surf Wax America”

(you’re gonna have to click the link to listen to that one! secret soundcloud codes and all.)

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