Ladies road trip to Ohio

This weekend was a whirlwind. I flew into Chicago on Thursday night, drove out to Fairfield, Ohio, with my mama and sister on Friday, and by Sunday night I was already flying back out to LA.

Given our busy schedules, it is getting harder and harder for Erin and I to make family trips, even if it is just for a weekend. It was so so awesome going out to Ohio, being able to see our cousin Billy who just got back from Afghanistan, and, of course, ALL THE BABIES. Billy and his brother Bobby both have new additions to their family and there is almost nothing better than being able to hold a baby, look into their big doll eyes, and then pass them back off to their parents as soon as you smell poop. All the fun, none of the responsibilities.
I went a little crazy with photo taking of all of my cousins (although somehow all my photos of our newest addition, Evee, turned out all blurry) so now you get to enjoy them as well. Hope everyone else is having a good end to their summer and has had the chance to hang out with their family like we have.
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