Fresh Fridays: Hammer Time Edition

You know when you are so excited for the weekend (not that we always aren’t) and the week just seems to DRAG? That’s how this week was for me. Tomorrow, I am driving up to the Bay area with my good friend Paul H to go see The Postal Service up in Berkeley (!!!!!!) and it seems like it has taken months to get here.

So in honor of all my strife this week (waiting is HARD), I decided to take it easy clothing-wise. I am also doing my usual Saturday job (running errands for a writer) tonight instead of tomorrow, so I needed to be extra comfy. Some people are very against harem pants but I am very in favor of them. Why not be comfy and semi-edgy at the same time?

Hope everyone has as fabulous of a weekend as I plan on having. When in doubt, hammer it out.

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