Recipe: Ginger Lemon Water

I am by no means a health freak, but there are moments when I think of how terribly I treated my body on the weekends (went rollerblading? That means I get to have a double double and animal style fries!) and my severe lack of physical activity due to my desk job, and I try add something a little healthy to my lifestyle. Enter ginger lemon water.

Usually at my office, I make mint, cucumber and grapefruit water and everyone goes apeshit over it. I went to make it this morning and discovered we had no mint OR cucumber and my world collapsed. OK, it didn’t, but I did pout a little bit. I dug through the fridge and saw that we had some ginger and went to work zesting it. I squeezed a few lemons and oranges into the pitcher, added ice and water, and then put my zested ginger in. The result? Some pretty fabulous water.

Fresh ginger contains something called gingerol, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and aids in healthy cellular activity in the gastrointestinal tract. (These are all good things.) Lemon¬†contains high levels of potassium and vitamin C, is a strong antioxidant, and is also a mild diuretic, so adding lemons to your drinking water can help support your liver and kidneys in their natural job of flushing out toxins, AKA animal style fries and large cokes. And the oranges? I think it just adds a little flavor and it has a TON of vitamin C. Drink up, y’all.

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