MCA’s Homebodies Exhibition

So I began working mornings at my place of work and finally have some of my afternoons and evenings free to galavant around the city.  Yesterday I got off at 5:00 and pondered what to do with this newfound free time.  Well, Tuesdays only really mean one thing: free admission to the MCA for Illinois residents.  So I hopped on the red line to the Chicago stop and headed over to see the exhibition that had opened at the end of June: Homebodies.

I was really excited to see what this exhibition entailed since, living alone and being a homebody myself, I thought it had a lot of potential to resonate with me.  Homebodies is split into three sections: Architectonics, Division of Labor, and Psychogeographies.  While the first two components were spatially really interesting, exploring representations of rooms and the notions of domestic labor in relation to gender and economic issues, it was really the third section that left the deepest impression on me.  That is, the ability of a room or home being a mental space capable of causing self-transformation or anxiety.

The show included works by some of the coolest ladies in the entire world, too.  Marina Abramović, Barbara Kruger, Francesca Woodman, and Mierie Laderman Ukeles (the lastof whom I hadn’t heard of before, but really liked her photo series) were all present.  All of the work is pretty fantastic, though.  So if y’all have a Tuesday afternoon free before the exhibition ends Oct. 13, check it out.

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