In A World…Screening Courtesy of HelloGiggles

In A World...

One of the many perks of living in LA is the amount of cool screenings I have to opportunity to attend. Thanks to HelloGiggles, last night my friend Paul (Hennessey. I know. I have several friends named Paul) and I got to see the totally-amazing-you-need-to-see-it-and-support-it “In A World…” with a Q&A with star/writer/director/personal hero Lake Bell.

In a nutshell, the film is about Carol, a 30-year-old vocal coach who hasn’t quite had her break and is still living in the shadow (figuratively and literally) of her father, the unofficial “king” of movie-trailer voiceovers. After being kicked out by her father, Carol has to find her feet and decides to actively pursue her dreams of becoming a voiceover star.

I don’t want to give too much away about the film, but it has heart, about a thousand laugh out loud moments, a stellar cast, and an amazing attention to detail with every character’s arc. And the Q&A with Lake Bell was just so fucking inspiring. It is always awesome to see women in film really take charge and find their voice. At one point someone asked how long the film took from concept to screen and she said roughly four and a half years, which made me feel a lot better about all of my writing projects.

She also touched a bit on what she referred to as “sexy baby vocal virus.” You know, when, like, girls end every sentence like a question? And their voice is unnaturally high? At first I was a little put back, like, “Girl, voices are voices. Women can speak however they choose.” But then she started getting into how it wasn’t really empowering, how women sometimes subconsciously train themselves to speak like that in order to be more submissive/more attractive to men, and then I fell in love with Lake Bell. I want to have Lake Bell’s babies and if we have girl babies they will have strong, beautiful voices.

Anyway, enough about my new hero crush. Go see the film. I am planning and seeing it when it comes out. It is rolling out in New York and LA on August 9th and then slowly trickling to other cities.  Watch the trailer below, tell your friends, all that jazz.

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