Sunday at P4k Music Festival

My lovely friend Ashley and I have been Pitchfork goers for quite a few years at this point.  We usually drive down to Union Park together, and if we didn’t we usually somehow run into each other there.

So this year when debating whether or not to get a Sunday Pitchfork ticket this year, I asked Ashley, to which she said “yes, duh.”

Although the sun was beating down on everyone and the threat of rain lingered throughout the afternoon, the festival rocked (as per usual).  The great thing about P4k is that it caters to a different crowd than, say, Lollapalooza.  That is, at Union Park you aren’t bombarded with fourteen year-olds in neon bandeaus and cut-offs on ridiculous amounts of molly.  Everyone’s pretty laid back, enjoying the music, drinking beer, and buying records.  And eating damn good food.

This year was especially great considering we got to see a range of acts from R. Kelly, Toro y Moi, Blood Orange, and Killer Mike all in one day.  Besides R. Kelly’s entire set, the best part of the day had to be Dev Hynes covering Sky Ferreira’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” (as well as coming out during her set as well for the jam) or Toro y Moi’s dance party.

Anyway, it’s always a weekend well spent.  Well done, Pitchfork. Well done.

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