Weekend Hike: Castaic Lake


I had this grand idea in my head that I would get a large group of people to go hiking this weekend somewhere in Malibu. But, due to my lack of planning/little knowledge of hiking paths in Malibu, this quickly fell apart. Luckily, my friend Paul is all about the hiking hot spots and we ended up going to the abandoned by the state but still lovely in its own way Castaic Lake.

More people were supposed to come, but due to some confusion/last minute cancellations, it was only Paul and me, which was fine. We grabbed some McDonald’s (I mean, it’s Monopoly season, y’all,) headed to the lake, and attempted to skip stones. After failing at skipping stones, it turned into a “who can throw the biggest rock/make the biggest splash” contest, which then morphed into a “oh shit our McDonald’s bag is accidentally floating into the lake let’s hit it down with a rock so no one sees it or thinks we are littering assholes.”

We didn’t hit the bag. But we did throw a shitload of rocks in the man made lake. And, we like to think that the McDonald’s bag going into the water was some sort of Butterfly Effect thing that NEEDED to happen. We just stopped a war yesterday, people, and you don’t even know it.

Sometimes you just need to go hiking and throw rocks into a lake. It may not have all the fun details of a story of a night out at the bar, but to me, it was a lot more enjoyable. And cathartic. Have you ever just thrown giant rocks into water while screaming? No? Fucking try it.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Hike: Castaic Lake

  1. Castaic Lake looks beautiful. My boyfriend used to live near the area and he keeps mentioning wanting to go hike around the lake, but I’ve never shown much interest. My interest is now peaked and I think that we will try it out on one of the upcoming weekends. Thanks for sharing!

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