Covers Round Up

So, after a text conversation with Erin yesterday (See: me texting Erin a slew of excited/Leslie Knope-esque messages about kicking butt), we’ve decided we need to step up our game on this blog. Granted, we are both busy, hard working, gorgeous babes, but hey, the whole reason we started this thing was to share that with you. Plus, due to said busyness, I feel like I don’t get to talk to Erin as much so half of what I know about what is going on in her life is through this blog. Sad, but true.

Anyway, expect a lot more fun, photo-filled posts, maybe a kickass redesign of the blog, and other lovely things in the near future. For all you know, you will be invited to a Facebook fan page very soon! (Friends of mine have already experienced this with my venture with éan candles)

Until then, here are a few choice cover songs that I have written about over on Cover Me Songs. I am going to post the songs/videos below, but if you feel so inclined to read my staggering genius take on music journalism, click the links above the videos.

Folly and the Hunter Get Folksy with Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night”

Carousel Heads to the Studio with Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”

Watch this WTF Public Access TV Cover of David Bowie (personal fave)

Savior Adore Gets Nostalgic with New Radicals “You Get What You Give”

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