Bonnaroo, Bonnaroo, Bonnaroo! A photo journal

Okay, so I finally got my film from Bonnaroo developed yesterday.  I love using disposable cameras a) because there’s that growing anticipation of how a photo you took will turn out b) it allows you to stay in the moment; there’s none of that *snap* “oh let me see if I look okay in that” or urge to IMMEDIATELY post it on every social media site you can think of. And c) for practical reasons if it gets wet or you lose it there’s not much money lost (only rad pics of Jim James and chicken biscuits).

Anyway, it was my first time at Bonnaroo, and I really don’t know how to describe it besides it felt like we had escaped to this fantastical world where time doesn’t make sense, people feel liberated to express themselves comfortably through clothing and drugs, and a constant dreamlike haze veils everything you do, every stage, and every awesome musical set.  In some respect it does feel more like a remembered dream than a concrete experience, but that just adds to the allure of it all.  Yes, this description is pretty vague and probably nonsensical, so I included a bunch of the photos I took to help make sense of it all. Enjoy!

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